Community Dance
at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Boone

Come join us Thursday evenings from 7:30 - 9:00 pm for expressive, conscious, free-style dancing.

These dances are opportunities to open your heart, mind and body to a full range of conscious, creative expression through movement…and have fun!

The musical playlists are designed to support a journey—a dynamic progression—of moods, tempos and rhythms within which you can explore the synergy of body, mind and spirit. This kind of dance is fun, engaging, and often transformative. We include a wide range of music drawing from rock, jazz, funk, soul, reggae, folk, Asian, African, Latin, Celtic, Americana, electronic, classical and more.

No prior dance experience is necessary; this is self-paced journey. If the music is fast, you can still dance slow. Your body has its own pacing, limitations, and responses to the moment, so respect that and don't feel pressured to dance any more vigorously than is comfortable.

The dance begins promptly at 7:30. It is best to stay for the entire set of music so you can fully immerse yourself in the experience, and to keep the group energy together for the duration of the set…and enjoy! Dance partners not required…we dance mostly as a group.

Wear loose clothing, and no street shoes on the dance floor, please (barefoot, socks or dance shoes are fine). Bring water to replenish.

Please, no alcohol, drugs or tobacco.

Suggested donation: $7-12. Look for the basket on the entrance table.

St. Luke's is located just behind Earth Fare in Boone, on 170 Councill St.

Please RSVP if you plan on attending the next scheduled dance. Use the "Contact Us" link below and let us know you would like to come, and how many are in your group. We'll confirm the dance (based on RSVP replies) here by Wednesday evening, so be sure to check back, or click on the "Going" button at the top our most current event posting on Facebook (visit our event page on Facebook here).





Open Minded: We encourage respect for the full spectrum of life-affirming beliefs, choices, identities, and orientations of all members of our group.


Awareness: Tune in to your own and other’s energy and needs. Act accordingly with integrity.


Respect: Honor your own body and it’s need for physical space. Honor others’ as well. Each of us comes with our own energetic and emotional agendas. Be aware of your own and each other’s need for expression and possible privacy. This is a dance of self-awareness. Listen to your own body, allowing the music to invite and engage you to move through any emotional or physical blocks.


Consent: Ask and receive permission (non-verbal) before interacting with another on the dance floor.


Presence: Participate and stay connected to yourself, the dance, music and the group as a whole.


Encouraging Respect: Please arrive on time, preferably 10-15 minutes ahead of time to settle in. We ask that you stay until the end of the dance. Arriving after the start or before the end breaks the energy cycle created. Keeping this energy whole promotes a safe space. If you find it necessary to leave, please do so quietly, through the rear door of the sanctuary.


Maintaining a substance free environment: no alcohol, recreational drugs or tobacco. Again to create safety.


Observe a non-verbal dance area: We ask that you refrain from verbal conversation, as talking keeps you in the chatter mind, and takes you away from the experience of listening to your body and connecting to your heart; and it is distracting for others.


Turn Off Electronic Devices.


Refraining From Wearing Strong Scents: some people are very sensitive to olfactory stimulation.


Dancing: in bare feet, socks, dance shoes or clean supportive shoes: Keeps the dance floor clean.


Dancing: alone, in partners or groups is all encouraged. Please refrain from sexual touching. Remember we are creating a safe space for all.


Dancing: with eyes open. Eyes closed is a safety issue. If the music lulls you into wanting to close your eyes, as it often does, find a safe out-of-way area to do so.


Dancing: Be aware of your surroundings. Dancing upright and dancing on the floor are perfectly acceptable, however please be extremely cautious about raising feet and legs into the air, so as not to accidentally kick someone who is dancing nearby.


Resting: We encourage movement throughout the cycle of the dance, but of course if you need to rest, you are welcome to sit or lay down in an out-of-the way place, but please stay energetically connected to the music and the group.


Express yourself! We encourage not only bodily movement, but also expressions such as yelling, stomping, crying, clapping, grunting, singing, and chanting. It can be deep or fun and lighthearted!

Have fun, lighten up or go deep, embrace change, expect the unexpected, enjoy, and know that you are loved and supported!

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